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Salvage Drums By UPS

August 4th, 1998 by Peggy Jones

Filed under: Salvage Drum

Thanks to research recently completed by Skolnik‘s shipping team, we have been able to arrange for the 85 US Gallon (316 Liter) Salvage Drums to be shipped via UPS. Previously, these Salvage Drums had to be shipped via common carrier. The new UPS capability will mean reduced shipping costs for small quantities and greatly reduced shipping times. UPS freight quotes are available when placing your order.

DOT-7A Markings

August 4th, 1998 by Bill Fitzgerald

Filed under: DOT/UN

As a manufacturer and supplier of DOT Specification 7A Type A packagings, at times we are asked to mark the packagings per CFR 177,350, "USA DOT 7A Type A." This marking is not consistent with the interpretations of responsibility made in the past, as part of the DOE‘s Type A Evaluation Program. It has been the position of the DOT and the DOE that only the shipper can make the final determination of DOT spec. 7A Type A compliance which is culminated with the required "USA DOT 7A Type A" marking on each package. To this end, Skolnik offers 7A Type A containers that have been tested with surrogate contents to demonstrate their capability of serving as a component to the ultimate 7A package.

New Product Development Requires Patience

August 4th, 1998 by Barry Smeltzer

Filed under: Industry News

Specialties could certainly be our middle name! Recently, we completed a new packaging design, which was 8 months in the making. Through intensive research, development and testing, we were able to provide a foreign customer with a product that was unattainable anywhere in the world. With international communications and critical shipping details, we had to engineer the product just right. This type of commitment and project is another element of the Skolnik philosophy to broaden the spectrum of steel container applications.

Carrier Obligations For Hazmat Shippers

August 4th, 1998 by Howard Skolnik

Filed under: DOT/UN, HazMat

The US-DOT recently published formal interpretations of the Hazardous Materials Regulations rules covering the responsibilities of carriers accepting hazardous materials for transportation in commerce. The question was prompted by a regulated company and published to facilitate more widespread understanding of the regulations. For more information on specific HMR rules, visit the DOT‘s Research and Special Projects Administration Hazmat Safety Web Site at: http://hazmat.dot.gov.