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20 Gallon Steel Drums

May 9th, 2014 by Lisa Stojanovich

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The variety of drum sizes stem from the needs of the widely diverse industries that utilize steel drums in their storage and shipment; with each new company comes a new set of standards.  In many cases a large drum is too cumbersome or proves more difficult to load on and off trucks.  For space saving containers that don’t compromise safety there is the 20 gallon steel drum.  Skolnik 20 gallon drums are perfect for both solid and liquid contents.  They can be manufactured with carbon or stainless steel and we also offer a 20 gallon salvage drum with no minimum order requirement.

For many companies there may not be a need to hold or ship a large quantity of contents; they may require smaller more compact sized containers. The 20 gallon closed head carbon steel drum has a load capacity of 199 lbs, and with an outside diameter of 18 ¾ “ and an overall height of 21 ¾” the drum is a space saving container for crowded trucks and storage facilities.  Using smaller drums can save businesses money on shipping costs and space in warehouses.  Stainless steel adds its strength and unique features to the 20 gallon drum making it possible to ship small quantities of contents that may need a bit of extra protection.  These drums are produced with both open and closed heads, and with the open heads there is the choice between the bolt ring or lever lock closures.  While the 20 gallon Salvage Drum is more costly than a standard commodity drum there is no minimum order requirement.  This allows a customer to order the exact number of spill control containers which, again, saves them money and storage space.

Almost any Skolnik drum can be produced  or customized in a 20 gallon size which allows us to offer our customers the container that best fits their needs.  Whether you’re looking for a drum to store liquid or solid contents, if you need to save space or money a 20 gallon steel drum may be your best bet.  Always remember that safety is the number one priority when shipping or storing anything.  Be mindful of the important properties of your contents that may require it to be stored in a specific type of drum.


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