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City Winery Brings Wine-On-Tap to Chicago

July 12th, 2011 by Jason Snow

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Regular readers of our newsletter know that we are big fans of the “wine on tap” movement. What started off slowly in Northern California is now taking the nation by storm. Used primarily in restaurants and wine bars, these unique re-useable stainless steel wine kegs are replacing the traditional glass bottle and cork. When you drink wine from a keg, you pay for the wine, not the bottle, the label, the box and the whole mess of marketing that surrounds bottled wine. Wine on tap is all about the juice. And without all that packaging, the environmental impact of a single glass of wine is a lot less. Our own City of Chicago is set to see another major “wine on tap” facility open during the winter of 2012. City Winery in Chicago, will be the first spin off of the New York Winery in downtown SoHo. The owner, music producer Michael Dorf, as well as winemaker David Lecomte, felt that our great city was an obvious choice to begin their expansion with. The 21,000 square foot facility will feature 18 tap lines of wine, two wine bars, and two private dining rooms with glass walls, displaying the winery’s fermentation tanks and drums. Skolnik is proud to have been at the forefront of the “wine on tap” movement, with our stainless steel wine barrels in use by top producers around the country.

Skolnik Hosts Partnership for Public Service

June 14th, 2011 by Howard Skolnik

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Small businesses can be limited in terms of their ability to access technological and industrial trends, as well as domestic and global regulatory changes. In order to address these issues, Skolnik has been a participant in many organizations, associations and regulatory bodies for more than 30 years. The result of this participation has yielded a “coalition” of government agencies, industrial associations and local government connections, all of which funnel information in to us so that we are able to share it with our customers and use it to better position our company for the future.

Recognizing these efforts, and understanding the benefits of building such coalitions, last month Mr. Billy Hines, Acting Director, Field Operations and Enforcement for the US Department of Transportation chose to host a Coalition Event for the Fellows for the Partnership for Public Service at Skolnik. The Partnership for Public Service is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works to revitalize our federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works. The Partnership is well known for its Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings. Mr. Billy C. Hines, Jr., and Howard Skolnik made presentations on establishing and building coalitions which facilitate safety in hazardous materials transportation. The Fellows then toured SKOLNIK’s manufacturing facility and witnessed a UN Drop Test. Reviews of the event were that it was highly successful with hopes for a similar event next year. To view pictures from the event, visit Skolnik’s History pages.

Skolnik Formalizes Sustainability Policy

June 14th, 2011 by Howard Skolnik

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Manufacturing steel drums that are intended for reuse is a sustainability policy that drives the Skolnik business practices model. Finding reuse options for raw materials and end by-products has also been a long time policy. However, taking the program to a higher level, we engaged the services of the Delta Institute in Chicago, to create a documented Sustainability Plan with a corresponding Implementation- Action Plan. The primary objective was to develop a plan that not only documented and coordinated current Skolnik sustainability initiatives, such as energy efficiency strategies and waste minimization, but would also identify opportunities for continuous improvement and progress, and afforded ways to track such progress.

In developing Skolnik’s Sustainability Plan, Delta employed a process mapping exercise that provided a 360 degree view of Skolnik’s operations identifying material inputs and wastes generated in each part of Skolnik’s process. Delta then engaged Skolnik in a charrette styled process mapping exercise to obtain input from each major department in the organization. The ideas generated during this process formed the framework for the implementable initiatives included in Skolnik’s Sustainability Action Plan. The resulting Plan consists of 7 goals and they are:

  1. Reduce Waste
  2. Conserve Process Material Inputs
  3. Reduce Electricity, Natural Gas and Water Use
  4. Promote Sustainable Office Practices
  5. Increase Employee Participation in Sustainability Initiatives
  6. Promote Sustainability of Human Resources
  7. Conduct Sustainability Reviews.
  8. Click here to read more about our Sustainability Plan.

Spoto Wines Highlighted for Outstanding Blends

June 13th, 2011 by Dean Ricker

Filed under: Wine

We are always on the lookout for exciting news from the wine world and we were delighted to recently read an article about our very own customer, Stuart Spoto of Spoto Wines. While many of you may be familiar with big name Napa Valley wines, there are also outstanding wines coming from smaller producers like Spoto. The Spoto family has been hand-crafting wines for over 30 years. Stuart Spoto learned the art of winemaking from his father Henry Spoto Jr. who was featured in Wine Spectator for his award-winning wines in June of 2003. This family collaboration has greatly influenced Stuart to create his small boutique winery and perfect his Oakville Bordeaux blends. Spoto, who runs his winery out of his Arden Oaks, CA home, recently turned heads at the Taste of Oakville held in April at the Robert Mondavi Winery. The event was jam packed with wine merchants, media and wine lovers eager to taste high-end wines from Napa’s Oakville appellation. Attendees raved that Spoto Wines were among the best in the whole tasting, and Stuart finished the event by adding several new customers to his roster. We look forward to seeing Spoto Wines join the growing list of Skolnik Stainless Steel Wine Barrel customers appearing on exclusive Chicago restaurant wine lists in the near future! Congratulations!