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The Cost of Non-Compliance

February 11th, 2019 by Natalie Mueller

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In a highly competitive market with continuously expanding regulations, moving hazmat while maintaining compliance is no simple task. And hazardous materials and dangerous goods are appropriately named. There’s a lot at risk if they aren’t handled properly, but an often forgotten risk is the risk to your organization’s stability and bottom line.

Perhaps the most apparent impact a fine for noncompliance has is on finance. Fines and fees related to noncompliance can add up and directly impact your profitability. There’s the fines themselves, fees related to stopped shipments, profit loss due to delays and inefficiencies, and increased insurance liability.

And if the individual penalties themselves don’t seem daunting, consider the cost of damaging your reputation. If your organization has numerous compliance issues, companies seeking industrial shipping services will seek out alternative, less risky partners. Even if you only experience one accident, the bad press can have lasting effects.

At the end of the day, customers want to work with a reliable, efficient shipping partner. Whether those materials are hazardous or dangerous or not, the way your organization handles hazardous materials affect their shipments too. From physical damage due to a spill or leak to shipping delays due to noncompliance citations, mishandling any container will impact all of your customers.

With so many materials classified as hazardous and these classifications and regulations constantly changing, it is understandably difficult to keep up with compliance. But it is a challenge you have to face. Not just because of the impact it could have on the environment or your community, but because of the impact noncompliance could have on the everyday safety and stability of your operations.

A big part of properly handling hazardous materials is using the correct, certified container. You can count on Skolnik for trustworthy, compliant, UN certified and DOT approved steel hazmat drums. And we hope your customers can count on you to work hard to maintain hazmat compliance.