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A Bright Spot from the Black Oil

August 11th, 2010 by Howard Skolnik

Filed under: DOT/UN, Salvage Drum

As I write this, we’ve just crossed the 100 day mark of the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.
For almost as many days, we have been hearing the details of this seemingly endless disaster. However, amidst all the black oil and contaminated beaches, there is a small bright spot that has captured national attention – the creative spirit. SKOLNIK is a manufacturer of steel containers for hazardous materials and as a result, we have been receiving many requests for prototype products that could help diminish the devastation in the Gulf and along its shores. While we have been providing regular shipments of UN rated steel drums and Salvage Drums to the region, our products are basically steel cylinders and can be adapted for other uses. We’ve received inquiries for large drums that would be outfitted with portable vacuum systems that could be used specifically for the clean-up of contaminated shoreline. We’ve received inquiries for sanitized drums that would be sterilized and used to transport and measure the toxicity levels of the sea water. One inquiry was for a design of a dispersant container that would control a measured amount of chemical that was accessed remotely. While we all navigate this disaster, it is creativity that will bring about an end. We welcome all design concepts, ideas and patents. Design and creativity is who we are, and right now, Gulf projects get immediate attention.

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