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A Hazardous Materials Riddle For You !! (this Is No Joke!!)

January 4th, 2000 by Howard Skolnik

Filed under: DOT/UN, HazMat

Question: What do paint, resin, adhesive, a car battery, grapefruit peel oil, valeraldehyde, an empty automotive engine, organic peroxide, and fireworks have in common?? Answer: All of these products were improperly shipped (or attempted to ship) on domestic US airlines in September and October 1999. The FAA continues to propose fines in excess of $50,000 for violations involving quantities of hazardous materials as small as one gallon. Approximately 17 companies received proposals of alleged violations totaling $1,062 million with an average fine of $62,500 per company. Some of the violations were for 2- one-gallon paint cans; 2 plastic bottles of paint, a box containing fireworks, a single car battery and a one-gallon container of adhesive. Suggestion: Know what is a hazardous material. Know the regulations that pertain to its‘ transport. And seek assistance from the DOT, your transport company or a Freight Consultant before you tender the shipment.

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