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A Solution to HazMat Alphabet Soup!

October 9th, 2012 by Howard Skolnik

Filed under: HazMat, Industry News

Within the Dangerous Goods / Hazardous Materials community, there are hundreds of regulatory bodies, organizations, associations and topics. It’s easy to feel intimidated in a “HazMat” conversation when the acronyms start flying. With some acronyms we try to find an easy pronunciation of the combined letters like DOT (Department of Transportation) or WHO (World Health Organization). Yet with some lettering combinations, there is no flow to the letters and we have to pronounce each letter such as DGAC (Dangerous Goods Advisory Council) and IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). Of course, a few of the acronyms just sound ‘clunky’ when pronounced like GESAMP (Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environment Protection).

Do you ever wonder what all these letters mean? DGAC (see above) has compiled an acronym list of 35 international organizations that affect the dangerous goods community. Check out the GLOSSARY here. Print a copy for your future needs and impress your colleagues with your knowledge of the correct names of these international organizations

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