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A Useful 2-Part NASA Technology that is Unresolved!!!

January 2nd, 2009 by Howard Skolnik

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A Useful 2-Part NASA Technology that is Unresolved!!!
Part 1 – US aerospace agency NASA has announced that it is developing a brain-monitoring hat for airline pilots to wear. The idea is that the hat sensors will know when pilots become “mentally overloaded” and help them to “realize” their condition. The hats are being developed at NASA’s Glenn Research Center using “functional near infrared spectroscopy” and “other imaging technology”. The spectroscope hats work by measuring blood flow in the cortex and the concentration of oxygen in the blood. NASA describes them as “non-invasive, safe, portable and inexpensive”. What we hope to achieve by this study is a way to sensitively – and unobtrusively – determine when pilots become mentally overloaded
Part 2 – There is no word on just how the mind probe hats would actually help a maxed-out pilot to cope. It is presumed that triggering a flashing light and sounding a loud recorded voice shouting “YOU ARE MENTALLY OVERLOADED! CALM DOWN!” would not be of much assistance. Alternatively, some kind of mechanical arm able to slap a panicking pilot or throw water in his face might be in order! NASA is, obviously, still working on a solution.

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