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After The Summer Of 2001, Steel Beats The Heat

August 7th, 2001 by Howard Skolnik

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Steel drums were recently tested to determine their integrity when exposed to extreme fire situations. The program tested steel drums stacked 2, 3, and 4 high under an AFFF sprinkler system. The drums fitted with non-metallic closures (ie: nylon fittings) met the National Fire Protections Associations definition of a "Relieving-Style Container" and performed beyond expectations. Unlike alternative containers made from plastic resins or paper, the steel containers did not melt or distort, did not lose their contents and fuel the fire, and did not fall from their stacking heights. Though the current NFPA 30 (1996 edition) only recognizes 2-high storage for steel drums fitted with pressure relief devices, it is expected that these tests will result in the ability for users to double storage height when meeting these storage conditions.

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