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Asian Longhorn Beetle Results In Wood Rulemaking

January 5th, 1999 by Howard Skolnik

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Residents of Chicago‘s Ravenswood neighborhood now know the effects of infected wood entering the US. Wood pallets made in China have carried the unstopable Asian Long-Horned Beetle into the US and will result in the destruction of hundreds of mature tress. The Beetle infestation has spread to areas even outside Chicago, and no chemical treatment has been successful in terminating their growth. Therefore, the infected trees will be cut down, chipped and burned on site. The seriousness of this infestation has resulted in the US Dept. of Agriculture amending the regulations for importing unmanufactured wood articles by adding treatment and documentation requirements for solid wood packing materials from China including pallets, crates or dunnage. We encourage you to be alert of any shipments emanating from China that may contain untreated wood. The resulting infestation can be devastating.

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