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Buzz Worthy New Item at Unified Expo

February 10th, 2016 by Dean Ricker

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At this year’s annual Unified Wine and Grape Symposium held January 26 -28 in Sacramento, CA, there was a new item that generated a lot of buzz. The Corvin, is a device that allows users to pour and enjoy wine from their favorite bottles without pulling the cork. Coravin will forever change the way wine is enjoyed, served and sold. For the first time, wine enthusiasts will be able to enjoy wine by the glass without committing to the whole bottle. Coravin’s groundbreaking wine access technology leaves the cork in place, safeguarding the wine from oxidation thus allowing the wine to evolve naturally. Now wine lovers can enjoy and share the same bottle during multiple occasions, over weeks, months or even longer without wasting a drop. The Coravin System also enables wine drinkers to access wine across multiple bottles during a single occasion. The Coravin Wine Access System empowers wine stores and wineries to offer customized tastings to support increased opportunities for bottle sales. Retail outlets can now offer vertical or horizontal tastings, inspect bottles for flaws and faults, and customize and expand their tastings — at a moment’s notice. It also helps them educate customers by comparing and contrasting vintages, glass by glass. Once you pull the cork from a bottle to pour wine, the wine is exposed to air and oxidation begins. The Coravin Wine Access System leaves the cork in place. First, a thin, hollow needle passes through the foil and cork to access the wine. Then the bottle is pressurized with argon, an inert gas in the air we breathe that winemakers have been using for years. The argon pressurization pushes the wine through the needle so that it flows into your glass without letting any oxygen in the bottle. Once the needle is removed, the cork naturally reseals itself, and the remaining wine continues to evolve naturally. For a video demonstration, please visit www.coravin.com/tech.

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