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Process Drums & Liners: Maintaining Safe, Strong and Sterile Containers

November 11th, 2019 by Natalie Mueller

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At Skolnik, we manufacture many configurations of our steel drums for a variety of different uses and industries. Our straight-sided, seamless stainless steel drums are uniquely suited and favored for the pharmaceutical, food processing and personal care industries. Like all of our drums, our process drums are strong, heavy, and, in many cases, reusable. 

Our seamless process drums are used in situations requiring the purity of crevice-free containers because the crevices and hoops of conventional drums can capture bacteria. However, some materials react negatively with steel in general. For those materials, Skolnik manufactures a selection of steel drum linings to ensure chemicals and consumables remain safely contained and uncontaminated.

When containing materials that react with bare steel, you must utilize a drum lining or another compatible package. Drum linings are specifically designed to act as a buffer between the contents and the steel. They are made from materials which can safely interact with the contents of the drum and protect both the contents and the container from becoming compromised. Just as our drums are rigorously tested, so to are Skolnik drum linings.

The lining most commonly used by Skolnik customers in need of process drums and containers is an epoxy/phenolic lining created by combining heat-cured epoxy resin with thermosetting phenolic resin. This lining is particularly popular because the chemical resistance of these two resins combines to create a lining ideal for containing liquids such as food products, detergents, latex paints and/or materials with a pH range above 7.
Our seamless stainless steel process drums and drum linings are just a few of the solutions Skolnik provides to support the safety and sterility of our customers in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and food-processing industry.  

That’s Not an Overpack Drum

October 21st, 2019 by Natalie Mueller

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If you’re advised to use an overpack drum in a spill situation, that’s not an overpack drum. If you’re sold a liquids-certified overpack drum, that’s not an overpack drum. Or, if it is, you aren’t using it in the way it was designed or certified to be used and your noncompliance could result in a nasty fee, or, worse yet, a dangerous mess. That’s because overpack drums and salvage drums are designed and tested differently.

An overpack drum is a container that makes handling a package or multiple packages easier. A condition of using an overpack drum is that the items or packages it contains cannot be damaged or leaking. Overpack drums are not certified for liquids or to hold damaged packages. The container inside an overpack drum must be intact. Overpack drums are often used as a preventative measure to keep the inner package from leaking or enduring any dents or dings, but if the damage is already done, it’s too late for an overpack to compliantly save you.

So what do you do if the packages you need to contain are leaking? Call on a trusty salvage drum. Salvage drums are designed to contain leaking, damaged or otherwise non-compliant drums, even if they contain hazardous materials. And there is such a thing as a liquids-certified salvage drum.

Some resources use the terms overpack and salvage interchangeably, but it is important to note that they are not. And making that mistake can be costly.

New Website, Same Longstanding Commitment to Information

September 27th, 2019 by Natalie Mueller

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Skolnik specializes in delivering superior drums to contain critical materials. We’re a steel drum manufacturer and we strive to be an industry guide and resource. Providing the industry and our partners with regular, valuable updates and information has been a priority for us since day one. Through the years, the format of that information has evolved. We’ve served as members, leaders and presenters of various industry and safety groups and committees. We’ve contributed to and organized printed newsletters and then, as the technology evolved, we lept at the opportunity to share information via our website, electronic newsletters and blogs. 

We’re proud to launch a newly updated Skolnik website where we look forward to continuing to keep our client and industry partners informed for years to come.

In addition to our newly refreshed site, we also updated another digital resource: our bolt ring, leverlock and 2 x ¾” fitting closure videos.

We hope that these updated videos, our blog, newsletter and website continue to be a valuable tool to learn about our work as steel drum manufacturers and stay up-to-date on safety, regulations and other industry trends and details.

Labelmaster’s DGS draws nearly 300!

September 17th, 2019 by Howard Skolnik

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Last week (September 4-6, 2019) at the Sheraton Grand in Chicago, Labelmaster’s 14th Annual Dangerous Goods Symposium (DGS) rocked!. Known as the preeminent conference of dangerous goods trainers, shippers, packagers, manufacturers as well as Federal Regulators, the 2019 Symposium broke the attendance record! A gathering of the most prominent industry leaders and presenters provided insights and practical advice to help navigate the most common, and many complex, DG issues. The agenda included a well-rounded list of relevant topics, including:

  • Creating a Culture of Safety
  • Domestic & International Regulatory Updates
  • Virtual Reality in Training
  • Drone Delivery
  • Carrier Variations
  • Lithium Battery Recycling and Regulations

Some of the the speakers and workship leaders included Peter Mackay of Hazardous Cargo Bulletin, Air Canada’s David Bolton, Nick Carlone of Cargo Publications, Mike Hoysler of FedEx, Geoff Leach of The Dangerous Goods Office LTD, Tim Rogers from UPS, Steven Webb of PHMSA and Pete Wagner of Purolator. Most memorable was Vinnie Desiderio from USPS who conducted a live telephone interview with his mother, a typical shipper who would benefit from hazmat training!

The Symposium highlight was a social night of dueling pianos at Howl at the Moon.

Thank you to everyone at Labelmaster for putting forth a tremendous effort to make DGS-14 a valued global event!