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Cats at Work!

January 9th, 2013 by Howard Skolnik

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Every now and then, a new approach to an old problem can result in a positive outcome. Such is the case with two Skolnik “employees” named King and Prince. About 2 years ago we completed an expansion of our warehouse. As a result of the construction activities, a dormant rodent population became active. Eager to remedy this problem, we decided to take an alternate approach. While the common practice is to use chemicals, we decided to adopt 2 feral cats to patrol the grounds. With an introduction to the Tree House Humane Society in Chicago, we explained our situation and asked for their help. Tree House was excited about the opportunity to remedy our problem while finding a home for 2 of their rescue cats. They selected King and Prince, and we went about preparing a most elaborate cage to call their home. The “condo” is 8 feet high, 4 feet square, has a variety of “steel drum” reclining zones, ramps and many other comforts that the cats had never known. Once they were reprogrammed to identify Skolnik as their home, they went to work! King and Prince have done a great job as the problem has become a non-issue. In addition, the concept was so well received by Tree House, that they have gone on to create a program called “Cats at Work” and have placed about 60 feral cats in other Chicago manufacturing facilities. News of the program has spread and we recently were interviewed by Time Out Chicago. Click here to see a copy of the interview. One might say this is a story with a “purr-fect” ending!

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