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Caution About Invalidating that UN Certification!

February 14th, 2012 by Howard Skolnik

Filed under: DOT/UN

UN packagings in the US are fabricated and tested to specific levels of performance per the US Code of Federal Regulations — CFR49 178.600. These tests allow a manufacturer to self-certify or 3rd party test the packagings and then mark the packagings with the required testing criteria (Check out this link to Understanding UN Markings). Often, users innocently alter the integrity of a packaging by adding accessories (ie: a plastic liners that sit on the bead ) or by replacing accessories with different components (ie: closure ring, gasket) in which case, the certification of the package may be invalidated. “A different packaging” is defined in CFR49 178.601(c)(4) as a packaging that differs from a previously produced packaging in structural design, size, material of construction, wall thickness or manner of construction. Further design qualification testing is not required if the alterations to the packaging do not constitute “a different packaging.” Also, Closure Instructions are packaging specific and must be used only for the packagings as designated.

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