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Cosmetics Manufacturer fined a whopping $350,000 for HazMat Violation

January 2nd, 2009 by Howard Skolnik

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The penalties for negligence when shipping hazardous materials by air were emphasized recently when Benefits Cosmetics, a San Francisco based beauty retailer, admitted to breaking the law back in March 2006. Known for its brightly colored, candy themed color cosmetics, Benefits failed to follow guidelines for handling the toxic substance isopropyl alcohol. Better known as rubbing alcohol, isopropyl alcohol is commonly used as a cleaning fluid, and is also used to dissolve other ingredients in a variety of formulations by reducing the thickness of liquids and creams. On or about March 23, 2006, a Benefits employee recklessly caused isopropyl alcohol, a flammable liquid, to be transported in air commerce in violation of law. Probably drawing on lessons learned from the Value-Jet crash in 1996, the Californian law courts found that the company’s employees were not properly trained or certified to prepare hazardous materials that were destined for air transport. The unusually large fine is intended, in part, to raise awareness in the beauty industry of hazardous material transportation regulations.

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2 Responses

  1. Stories like this are frightening. Thank you for doing your part to help insure that our environment is protected. W2G

  2. Jacque,
    Thank you for your support and for reading my blog. Though not intentional, an improperly shipped hazardous material can be deadly.
    Howard Skolnik

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