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Customers Find Our Web Site To Be A Vast Resource

January 9th, 2007 by Howard Skolnik

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Recently, Skolnik launched a new web site designed to provide resources that would be helpful not only to Skolnik customers, but to steel drum and hazardous material shippers generically. Therefore, it has been great to hear and see that the information is being accessed at incredibly high visit rates. Shippers have been expressing thanks for offering information that, until now, has been difficult or impossible to find. The most popular pages visited are:

  1. CFR Cheat Sheet — Offers a quick reference to key issues often researched regarding UN and DOT package compliance. http://www.skolnik.com/cfr.pdf
  2. Closure Instructions — The most comprehensive instructions on DOT drum closing. http://www.skolnik.com/ClosureInstructions092506.pdf
  3. UN Certifications — View available products, their UN Certification and their test dates. http://www.skolnik.com/uncert.shtml
  4. Technical Drawings — You’ve never seen drum illustrations and dimensions like these! From 5 to 110 US Gallon capacities. http://www.skolnik.com/techdraw.shtml
  5. Product List and Specs — Viewed in US Measurements OR Metric, this shows a comprehensive detail of product specifications. http://www.skolnik.com/prodlist.php
  6. Our Team — Get face to face with your friends at Skolnik. http://www.skolnik.com/ourteam.shtml
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