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Don’t Sleep it Off, Sleep “In” a Wine Barrel!

August 9th, 2011 by Dean Ricker

Filed under: Wine

Located in the coastal town of Stavoren in Holland, the Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren is one of the most original places to stay in the world because the rooms are situated inside large wooden wine barrels. The wine barrels are of Swiss origin and used to contain more than 14,500 liters of wine. There are four barrel rooms, each created from drums that used to contain Beaujolais wine from the French chateau area. The beds stand inside the wine barrel and the round wooden walls give a very cozy and secure feeling, like in the hull of a ship. The ceiling of the wine barrel is high enough, that you can stand up in it. At the back of each barrel a doorway is made, leading to the sitting room with shower and toilet. This out of the box idea seems to be the ultimate example of using recycled materials to build an Eco friendly hotel. We thought that sleeping in a wine barrel was just, flat out, cool!

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