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Flying "Ain‘t What It Used To Be!" (some Personal Thoughts)

September 5th, 2000 by Howard Skolnik

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Business American-style means heavy domestic travel for many in the hazardous materials arena. And as usual, those left behind often see our air travel as a opportunity to have a holiday at business expense. How fortunate for those left behind, that they do not have to experience the real situations of air travel in today‘s market; the frustrations, the contempt, the discomfort and the unknown! While First and Business class gets all the advertising attention, it is the Coach passengers that suffer the angst of flying reality. How remarkable that two major carriers are bragging about the fact that they have added ’inches‘ to the leg-room between seats, when they are responsible for articulating the sardine-can-layout in order to gain more seats per flight. As one who stands 6’3", how intolerable to see people with shorter height occupy seats with generous leg room, especially when the already tight fit is further complicated by the need for a forward passenger to recline backward. How frustrating to sit on taxiways for hours, waiting to take off, and being told that one will be arrested for going to the lavatory! How about the passenger that had to cross legs with another passenger (face to face seating) and was urinated on by her intoxicated seat-mate! Yes…we all pray that our planes land without incident and on time, but a party atmosphere? Not exactly! So imagine the next style of luxurious travel. For me, it will be Travel by Fax!

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