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Food Grade Steel Drums

September 26th, 2014 by Lisa Stojanovich

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Ingredients for consumable products are oftentimes shipped miles before reaching facilities where they are turned into our favorite snacks.   Using the proper steel drum is a great way to achieve the level of safety required for food grade contents.  When shipping, it is important to keep them secure and free from contamination.  Skolnik Industries works to create strong, clean steel drums for the important task of safely shipping food grade contents.

Shipping ingredients from the original source or moving an unfinished product somewhere to cure can be important steps in the production of many food and drinks. For many industries, like wine or food processing, a popular option is to use drums made of food grade 304 stainless steel.  Because this is the same steel that is often used in cookware, it is safe to come into contact with contents that will be ingested by people.

All parts of the drum must be made from food safe steel, including the fittings in an open head drum’s cover.  For filling, emptying, and venting the drum we suggest the use of 2” and ¾” fittings.  To preserve the integrity of the contents, gaskets must also be made with a food grade material, such as white EPDM.

Sometimes, it is cheaper or easier to use a carbon steel drum.  In these instances it is necessary to use a food grade lining. An epoxy phenolic lining will keep any contents from being potentially contaminated by the carbon steel, making it safe for use in food and drink.  A  plastic liner, like a bag, made from a food grade material can also be used.  Some food or drink products, in a concentrated form, or concentrated ingredients for food and drink may be classified as Dangerous Goods by the Department of Transportation.  These transportation situations would require a UN certified package in addition to meeting food grade requirements.

Keeping food grade contents safe is a the number one priority during transport and storage.  Using clean, strong  steel drums with proper linings and fittings is an easy way to prevent contamination and ensure an enjoyable product.  The next time you consume a favorite food or drink think about the efforts that go into making sure your treats are safe to consume, and remember Skolnik Industries prides itself on the strength, integrity and utility of our food grade steel drums.


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