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FREE: New Version of Emergency Response Guidebook

August 18th, 2015 by Howard Skolnik

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PHMSA has provided a preview of the 2016 North American Emergency Response Guidebook, NAERG. The NAERG is published by the US Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). The document is a joint effort between Transport Canada and PHMSA and is used extensively by the shipping, transport, and emergency response industries. The document is revised every 4 years with the previous version being released in late 2012. A few of the enhancements for 2016 include:

  • Expanded Table of Placards and updated title to Table of Markings, Labels, and Placards and Initial Response Guide to Use on Scene.
  • Expanded Rail Car Identification Chart and Road Trailer Identification Chart to two pages each.
  • Added information about GHS markings.
  • New entries adopted into the 19th Revised Edition of the UN Model Regulations.
  • Added information on Emergency Response Assistance Plans (ERAP) applicable in Canada.

The full document will be available in 2016 but the full preview can be accessed from the PHMSA website

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