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Fusible Closures Approved For Hazardous Warehouse Storage

May 8th, 2001 by Andrew Castle

Filed under: HazMat

Storage of steel drums containing hazardous materials just got a boost…a one row boost! Recent testing conducted by Factory Mutual Global concluded that using fusible (melt-able) non-metallic plugs in closed head drums allows for early relief when the drums are under pressure. Unlike metal plugs that maintain their seal even under severe pressure, the fusible plugs ultimately relieve a pressure build up by melting and therefore prevent the drum from exploding. As a result of these findings, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code provides for drums in a qualifying hazardous material warehouse to be stored 4 levels high, which is one more allowed prior to the testing. This new storage permission will have the greatest impact on the economics of storage.

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2 Responses

  1. Binaya Kumar Debata says:

    We are interested to purchase Fusible plug type caps for 200 ltr metallic drums.

    Pl confirm the availability & price. Is it available in India as well

    B K Debata
    VP – SHE
    Alembic Pharma
    Vadodara, Gujarat – India

  2. Hello,
    Yes, these plugs are available for shipment to India. Please contact our Client Services Department to receive information about having these plugs shipped. You can email daniel@skolnik.com or call 773.735.0700.
    Thank you,
    Howard Skolnik

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