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Have it Your Way: Steel Drum Customization

January 18th, 2014 by Lisa Stojanovich

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An industry standard, 55 gallon, steel drum can hold a wide range of materials, and while the choices of open or tight head, lined or unlined, create some variety of utility many customers are looking for something different.  This ability to offer the customization of 55 gallon drums – or any size drum – is a priority for Skolnik Industries where non-standard orders are commonplace.  A customized order may call for a unique drum height or a specific paint, but no matter the customer’s needs, dedicated employees will work together to produce a satisfactory product.  Oftentimes, the standard 55 gallon drum will not fit into the machinery a customer uses, and therefore they require a special sized drum.

A customized order begins when a member of the sales force receives an inquiry with any non-standard requirements.  Working with a Skolnik engineer, the salesperson will determine if the proper equipment is in place to fill the customized order.  This also includes asking the customer for specifics in the drum’s configuration; diameter, height, bead size, body fittings, and hoops are just a small example of the pieces that can be altered to make a unique drum.   If the customer wants a UN rated drum, this step also looks into any tests that the drum will need to be put through to earn it’s UN rating.  A Skolnik drawing will be created and shown to the customer for potential revision and approval  Next the team will develop a cost of the order and offer a price to the customer.  Once an official order for the customized drum is received a record for the order will be created and a bill of materials is produced. The drum is then ready to begin production once all materials have been received.  Depending on the extent of customization this process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months.

Sometimes a customer may not know exactly for what they are looking. They might try to describe their ideal drum or send in a drawing of the envisioned drum or the process the drum needs to fit.  Through the help of a dedicated sales force, in-house engineers, and well trained production staff,Skolnik Industries works to insure each order is the proper container for each customer.  When dealing with customized orders it is important that the Skolnik team work closely with the customer; the size, diameter, and paint can all affect the drum effectiveness.  Customization is the backbone of Skolnik Industries, and a source of pride. We create unique drums that keep our customers efficient, safe and happy.

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