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August 22nd, 2016 by Howard Skolnik

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Several years ago I attended a conference at a hotel that had a complicated layout. On my first day I was unable to find the lecture room, and I asked a hotel employee for directions. He offered “to take me there.” The following day, again, I could not find the meeting room and again, I asked another employee for directions. She, too, offered to “take me there.” What I quickly understood was that these hotel employee’s didn’t just point to where I needed to go, they made sure that I found the correct room quickly, and without any confusion! I realized that their kind offer was also the result of critical customer service training and when I returned to Chicago, shared my experience with the Skolnik staff.

As always, it‘s our responsibility and pleasure to help our customers, and potential customers, navigate the many Federal Regulations that govern the products that we manufacture. We offer more than 150 UN certified drum products and while we cannot tell you which steel drum to use, we can take you to where you need to go to find your classification and packaging answers. If you have special requirements or seek unusual options, our Engineering and Sales staff has a gigantic knowledgebase of available products and services. As for on-line support, the Resources page on our web site (www.skolnik.com/resources) is the most highly used steel drum resource in the world. Whether it‘s our web site, design options or regulatory questions, “let us take you there” to find the right answers.

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