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New Napa Conference on Oak

February 10th, 2015 by Dean Ricker

Filed under: Skolnik Newsletter, Wine

Wines and Vines Magazine is hosting a new conference on February 11th in Napa, CA focusing on oak and oak alternatives. As the leader in the development of stainless steel wine barrels, Skolnik’s wine barrels are often used in conjunction with oak and oak alternatives, so this event will be of great interest to many of our customers. The conference will present winemakers with an all-day interactive educational experience on the complex topic of oak. Speakers will include noted winemakers, academic researchers and international coopers who will share their knowledge of oak with an emphasis on innovations. Topics will include different oak wood species, oak sources, grain, stave seasoning, toasting, coopering and finishing along with technical tastings of winery and university trials with varied oak products. Topics include, oak and sensory perception and the correlation between wood extractives and sensory perception of oak aged wines. Editor of Wines and Vines, Don Neel moderates a panel of winemakers describing successful barrel inventory management and wine styling. David Ramey, who made wine for top properties including Matanzas Creek, Chalk Hill, Dominus and founded Ramey Wine Cellars, will discuss cooper selection, and how to choose, prepare, use and store barrels. Veteran winemakers share their protocols for barrel cleaning and maintenance, and why this unglamorous element of cellar work is so vital to protect a winery’s oak investment as well as ensure quality winemaking. The session will include practical tips as well as discussion on high-pressure washing systems, steam, ozone and other tools and techniques for barrel hygiene. Editor Jim Gordon presents winemakers conducting trials with oak barrel alternatives to achieve the wine styles they desire. For more information about this exciting new conference visit: www.wvoak.com.

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