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No More Closure Tools! No More Whacking!!

October 10th, 2000 by Veronica Crouchelli

Filed under: Salvage Drum

Continuing to turn the heads of 85 Gallon Steel Salvage Drum users, using the new Quick-Closure Lever-Lock means that you have to "Whack No More" (TM) when closing a Salvage Drum for shipment. The patent-pending ring is designed to open wide for it‘s initial seating without the need for force. Once on the drum, with the gasket firmly in place, the lever brings together the removeable cover with the drum body and forms a secure closure which has passed the United Nations Certification testing. Customers are finding that by using this Quick-Closure ring, they are able to close their drums faster, without tools, without the need to verify torque, and without any pinched fingers! For an added charge of $2.50 each, the "Whack No More" Quick-Closure Ring is a significant improvement to drum handling. Also, in late 2000, the ring will be available for 55 Gallon drums too.

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