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Oak In A Bottle

November 10th, 2015 by Dean Ricker

Filed under: Skolnik Newsletter, Wine

As a Chicago based manufacturer of stainless steel wine barrels, we are always excited to see other Chicago companies bringing innovations to the world of wine and spirits. The latest innovation brings oak aging behind the bar or at home, and it just got a whole lot quicker. Joel Paglione of Chicago, has created Oak Bottle, a wooden vessel with a charred interior that lets you age wine, beer and spirits in two to 48 hours. It’s so efficient that within two hours, you’ve added oak flavor to the wine and it hasn’t over-oxidated and the wine hasn’t gone flat yet. It makes it taste as if it’s been aged for years in an oak barrel. Many winemakers believe that what makes a truly great wine great is more a matter of what occurs in the vineyard than what happens inside the winery or distillery. We agree, the winemaker or distiller can only highlight flavors and aromas that already exist, not invent flavor. That is what the art of oaking is all about. For centuries, winemakers and distillers have used oak to bring out the best in wine and spirits. The biggest problem aside from the cost of oak barrels is the amount of time it takes for the oaking process to work. This is where the Oak Bottle comes in. Using a simple volume to surface area equation it’s easy to understand how a vessel with more surface area touching less volume can infuse the wine or spirit quicker. The goal of the Oak Bottle is to make the oak infusion process simple, fast, and cost effective so that just about anyone can become a winemaster from the comfort of their own home. The traditional use of 59 gallon oak barrels for wine making was impractical and expensive. In the past only the best winemakers had access to cooperages who made the best oak barrels. Oak Bottle is currently running a Kick Starter campaign to ramp up manufacturing. For more details or to purchase an Oak Bottle, visit their website: http://oakbottle.com/

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