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Red Wines in The Winter Served Best from Skolnik Drums

January 13th, 2010 by Jason Snow

Filed under: Wine

There are many things that are wonderful about wintertime. Fresh snow, warm comfort food, and roaring fireplaces are just a few. Another one of the best things about the weather in the winter months is the opportunity to “switch up” your wine routine and move to wines that savor the season. Arguably the best wines for these winter days are red, full bodied, and spicy. Shiraz and Syrah of course, immediately come to mind. Both wines arrive from the same grapes, with Shiraz originating in Australia and South Africa, and Syrah hailing from France. Fortunately neither of these two fine wines has to cost a fortune. There are plenty of top rated, high-end Shiraz and Syrah labels, but many can be found for about $25.00 and under.

These wines are a few of the reds that are being aged in our stainless steel drums. Later this month, we will be demonstrating the unique properties and benefits of Skolnik stainless steel drums at the Wine Symposium at the Sacramento Convention Center in Sacramento, CA. The exhibition dates are Jan 26 to 29, 2010. Come see the very drums in which quite a few reds are aged. Our booth is #341, and we have free entry vouchers. Please contact me if you’re interested in attending and would like a free pass.

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