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SIP Certified: Sustainability in Practice

September 8th, 2011 by Dean Ricker

Filed under: Wine

On a recent trip to California we happened to notice many wine bottles touting the “SIP” Certified Seal — Sustainability in Practice. The certification program evolved from nearly two decades of effort to understand and implement sustainable farming practices, such as soil conservation, pest management, water quality, and special attention paid to biodiversity and habitat. When one finds the SIP seal on a bottle of wine, you can be assured that growers are preserving and protecting the natural environment, treating their employees and community with care, and have sound business practices with a long-term view that protects both the present and future. Third party auditors confirm adherence to the strict standards. This “Gold Standard” program was developed with the input of experts from the Environmental Protection Agency, National Resources Defense Council, university advisors, community and environmental organizations, and adapts and improves as practices evolve. SIP seals are now appearing across the country at select grocery stores, membership warehouses, wine stores and restaurants. Not only do we think this is a great idea, but we are happy to see that several of our stainless steel barrel customers have made the list!

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