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Skolnik Celebrates 29 Years!

June 20th, 2014 by Howard Skolnik

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In April 1985, Skolnik set out to change the market for dangerous goods packaging. It was a time when packaging manufacturers were focused on making large quantities of commodity-type steel drums that would serve the needs of the hazardous and non-hazardous materials community. In addition, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act revealed that there were hundreds of superfund sites which needed to be cleared of their illegally buried contents. Skolnik identified that an entire market of the dangerous goods community was being overlooked. Small quantity shippers, packagings for secondary containment and recovery, and shippers with unique shipping needs had nowhere to turn to meet their shipping needs. Now for 29 years, Skolnik has built a market and family of unique products, over 400 steel drum variations alone, to serve this special needs arena. In addition, the Skolnik staff is uniquely trained to help customers find the right answers to their hazmat packaging concerns.

Visit Our History site to see the photos of the afternoon celebration as well as a full history of over 100 slides.

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