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Skolnik Revises Company Closure Instructions

October 10th, 2006 by Howard Skolnik

Filed under: DOT/UN, HazMat

Our ongoing improvement of drum ring closing procedure has revealed that torque value is the best criteria to determine full closure. In the past instruction, we indicated that gap-width was the primary criteria. Though all our drums are tested using both gap and torque, we believe that torque can compensate for surface friction, climate variations and metal hardness. Therefore, effective September 25th, 2006, we have revised our Closure Instructions to indicate torque to 55–60 ft./lbs. All shippers of hazardous materials are responsible for following the closure instructions that accompany all UN or DOT marked packagings. DOT requires that a container must be closed to instruction when filled prior to transport (CRF 178.2(c)). Before releasing the container into transportation, the shipper should verify the tightness of closures to determine if the effects of heating and cooling or gasket relaxation have resulted in the need to re-torque the closure. Closure instructions are NOT generic and must be current to the date of manufacture. Skolnik provides closure instructions for every product manufactured. If you need a current copy, contact customer service or go to: http://www.skolnik.com/closureinstructions092506.pdf.

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