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Skolnik Stainless Steel Wine Barrels Offered with Silicone Bungs

February 15th, 2011 by Jason Snow

Filed under: Wine

Many a wine maker has entered the barrel room to find bungs on the floor that blew out in the middle of the night, then spent time then searching for the bungless barrel. Now there is an answer to this familiar and annoying problem. The US made Duall Combo Bung is fabricated of 100% food grade silicone. The unique tri-pod design (with the pods spreading just below the stave/barrel line), holds the bung in the barrel, while allowing full pressure release even in the strongest stages of early fermentation. Once the barrel is vented, the bung falls fully back into place in the barrel (just from its added weight), then releases again as fermentation pressure increases. The domed design also helps differentiate the Duall Combo Bung from a regular solid bung with a flat top. SKOLNIK also offers the Duall Carboy Sleeve. Unlike a standard bung that fits into Tri-Clover fitting, this bung fits over the fitting or any necked opening like a sleeve. This unique and versatile bung also offers venting or permanently sealed positions. Both of these silicone bungs are designed to work with any SKOLNIK stainless steel wine barrel that uses a 2” Tri-Clover fitting. If you want more information about these new and unique Bungs, please contact me at jason@Skolnik.com or 773-884-1513.

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