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Small Wine Barrels

May 1st, 2014 by Lisa Stojanovich

Filed under: Wine

Wine barrels come in a variety of sizes and materials; gigantic metal tanks and tiny oak barrels have all been privy to holding the legendary drink.  Skolnik Industries offers vintners the longevity and purity of stainless steel wine barrels.  We offer a variety of sizes because we understand there are countless ways to create wine and not every final product needs to be stored or fermented in a massive container.  The 5 and 10 gallon stainless steel wine barrels offer unique opportunities for wineries that they can’t get from the larger 55 gallon size.  Benefits range from the ability to experiment with new flavors to creating small batches of a ‘limited time’ drink.

When a new or different flavor is desired there is a long process of trial and error.  Adding different flavors, using different grapes, or combining other fruits brings a unique effect to the wine.  Since these outcomes are not always predictable, test batches are created and tasted in small quantities.  The smaller wine barrels are perfect for this because it allows the process to move quickly and reduces the waste of a failed experiment.  Wineries can also have multiple experimental barrels stored in the same amount of space a larger tank would fill.  These smaller barrels are also perfect for creating special wines.  Limited time offers or special request wines that call for smaller quantities of wine need a proper sized barrel in which to be created.  Anything too large risks creating waste or unused wine, so the smaller barrels are a perfect fit.

There is plenty of need for small wine barrels, and Skolnik’s stainless steel variety make an excellent choice for meeting many of those needs.  The strong and easy to clean barrels in 5 and 10 gallon sizes are perfect for small batches of special wines or for experimenting.  Because good things often come in small packages these barrels can help create delicious drinks that vintners everywhere can be proud to call their own.  So whether it’s a unique blend that is kept special by its small amount or the twelfth attempt at getting that just-right flavor, a smaller Skolnik stainless steel wine barrel might just be just right for our needs.

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