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Stainless Steel Finishes in Barrel Manufacturing

August 1st, 2014 by Lisa Stojanovich

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While stainless steel is a  useful material for many containment purposes, there are times a customer’s wants are not fully met by plain stainless steel.  That’s why Skolnik Industries offers finishes that add or alter the stainless steel in someway.  These finishes are added to the proper size and gauge steel in order to alter the properties of stainless steel or create a more visually appealing look.  Finishes can help steel perform in a more ideal way, and make a positive impact on the condition of a drum.

There are many finishes available, but the most useful in stainless steel barrel manufacturing are: No. 2B, No. 3, No. 4.  The first, No. 2B, is a mill finish that produces a matte grey appearance.  It is highly corrosive resistant, but cannot be matched after fabrication.  This means that while the finish is economical it is not the most attractive; over broad areas the color may not be uniform.  No. 3, also called “brushed”, is obtained by using a git abrasive of 80-120 and is a ground unidirectional uniform finish.  This finish simulates mechanical abrasions and leaves a slightly reflective finish.  It is commonly used in brewery or kitchen equipment or scientific apparatus.  No. 4 is done in a similar fashion as No. 3, but using a finer abrasive.  It can often be referred to as “satin.”

When determining the need for a finish ask yourself what properties of pure stainless steel you need to be increased.  There are many different reasons to use a finish, so carefully consider the potential contents of a drum.  Will the finish serve a merely cosmetic purpose or is there a concern of utility?  Once you’ve determined your needs, you can better decide which finish is the correct choice.  If you still have questions about finishes and their benefits, consult a knowledgeable source.   Skolnik Industries works hard to create the perfect stainless steel barrels to fit our customers needs.

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