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30 Gallon Steel Drums Set to Travel

January 29th, 2015 by Natalie Mueller

Filed under: DOT/UN, Safety

The immediate difference between a 55 gallon steel drum and a 30 gallon steel drum? The 30 gallon steel drum is smaller. Not a novel concept, but smaller size drums are easier to move and so it is only natural that 30 gallon steel drums tend to log a lot of miles.

All drums, regardless of size, are required to meet stringent guidelines regulated by the Department of Transportation. Every inch and aspect of a steel drum must be thoroughly tested and inspected before it is deemed safe and appropriate for transport. At Skolnik, we don’t take these rules lightly. A number of UN and DOT tests are even done in house and meticulously monitored throughout the manufacturing process.

When we say every inch of the drum, we mean it. There are standards for every part of the drum: clamp bands, bolts, gaskets, lids, rolling hoops, thickness, chimes, seams and more. The steel must meet a thickness regulation based on its capacity and intended use, reinforcing rings might be required, rolling hoops must be tight and not spot-welded. Every opening and closure device must be a certain size and sealed tight for shipment. There are rules on what you can weld and how you must execute the welding. There are protective coatings and treatments with their own tests and requirements. There are maximums, there are minimums, and then of course there are a series of tests to ensure the container is leak proof.

A lot goes into ensuring the safety and integrity of our steel drums whether they are being used for regular transport or storage. As cumbersome as these regulations may seem, each and every one is tremendously important. Our 30 gallon steel drums travel the world and we want to keep the world and all of its inhabitants safe and satisfied.

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2 Responses

  1. Sam Trammell says:

    I need a part number and price for a 30 gallon drum. similar or the same as the 55 gallon drum we get which is ST5501. I also need a price for the 55 gallon above.

    Sam Trammell

  2. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for the inquiry. It will be best if you speak to one of our client managers. What is the best number for them to call? Or shall they contact you at samuel.trammell@ge.com?
    Please let me know here or email me at howard@skolnik.com.
    Thank you!

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