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The Innovative, Flexible 15 Gallon Barrel

June 4th, 2015 by Natalie Mueller

Filed under: Stainless Steel

The first question one asks themselves when packaging anything is: what will it fit in? It’s the first piece of every puzzle: moving, packing the car, choosing the right purse. Life is constantly throwing us new games of Tetris to play. And packaging your facilities materials is no different.

Skolnik manufactures over 400 sizes of industrial packaging for critical contents. From replacement parts and steel sheets to drums ranging from 5 to 110 gallons. Perhaps the most innovative size is the 15 gallon drum. Skolnik only manufactures 15 gallon steel drums upon request, and we do so happily. The 15 gallon drum provides an extra level of flexibility in all shipping, containment and storage situations.

Consider Miss Goldilocks. Goldilocks has some materials she needs to package and ship, but the 10 gallon drum is too small and the 20 gallon is too big. Skolnik’s 15 gallon drum is just right.

If you think the 15 gallon intermediate option is just right for you, call Skolnik and our team of engineers can reconfigure our 15 gallon steel drum to meet your specific requirements and unique needs.