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Fresh Wine & Steady Business on Tap

November 18th, 2014 by Natalie Mueller

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Tasting rooms and facility tours have become increasingly popular weekend or vacation activities for craft beverage enthusiasts. A pit stop at a local winery or distillery not only provides an afternoon of entertainment and libation, but a neat snapshot of the town culture and people, and an ample selection of unique gifts to bring back home.

Providing an unparalleled brand experience and saving wineries the expenses of bottling and shipping, tasting rooms have grown into a cornerstone of the winery business, accounting for nearly 30% of most wineries incomes.

In the tasting room, the winery has complete control over their customers’ experience. Passionate winemakers can interact directly with their consumers and fans, building a more personal connection between brand and buyer. If a customer doesn’t care for one wine, the staff can get their feedback and suggest a product that may better suit their tastes. With stainless steel wine barrels, wineries can tap a number of different styles, flavors and ages of wine, and even try out experimental batches without jumping through the hoops and costs of distribution and marketing. Meanwhile, visitors enjoy a diverse palate of wines, straight from the vineyard.winedrums

Tasting room visitors rarely come by just to try and not buy, and, their tasting room experience will likely influence their wine selection next time they see your product at a retailer. In today’s ever-connected society, there are countless ways to reach your customers. However, stainless steel wine barrel-fresh wine and a person-to-person interaction with your brand is pretty hard to beat.

Complete Cleansing of an Empty Wine Drum

March 12th, 2012 by Dean Ricker

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One of the most common questions that we get about our wine drums is how to clean them in between uses. As this year’s Unified Wine and Grape Symposium in Sacramento we came across a new product that answers that question. Sanitech Corporation has developed a line of sanitation systems for the unique requirements of our stainless steel wine barrels. The Mark Series machine incorporates the new technology of pressurized wet steam at temperatures between 240F to 330F to sanitize and degrease without chemicals. The high temperature of the pressurized wet steam kills most bacteria on contact and thermally breaks down residual deposits. Traditionally, this has been achieved through the use of high cost chemicals and intensive manual cleaning which can lead to further contamination. The Sanitech machine sanitizes and cleans in a single and easy step while also eliminating the cost of chemicals. The machine is portable and the system is able to access typically hard to reach areas. The water requirements are lower than a pressure washer’s thereby conserving water and saving the environment from chemical effluents in the sewage. Sanitech machines are USDA compliant for indoor usage as they run on environmentally friendly LPG, which is a clean burning fuel. Using Sanitech equipment gives you close to zero bacteria counts, saves money spent on cleaning crews and chemicals, and reduces wear and tear on equipment through a single step sanitation process. For more information on Sanitech visit their website at http://www.sanitech.com