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Thanks Labelmaster for DGIS VII !!!

September 8th, 2012 by Howard Skolnik

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For the 7th year, this past week, Labelmaster hosted the Dangerous Goods Instructors Symposium in Chicago. The Symposium is the only gathering of dangerous goods trainers designed to elevate the competency and effectiveness of dangerous goods education. The result of these training efforts is to ultimately save lives. The Symposium attracted about 150 hazmat instructors and regulators from all parts of the world and focused on the need to improve training of all those participating in the transport of dangerous goods. Some topics presented included Lithium Battery regulatory changes, Training Competencies, What’s The Worst That Can Happen When We Take (HazMat) Short Cuts, and PHMSA presented a special permit update. Training workshops focused on Trainer Personality Profiles, Active Learning, Emergency Response in Action at the Union Pacific, Taking the Mystery Out of Explosives and Regulatory Quirks. Some of the presenters included Geoff Leach of the UK CAA, Peter Mackay of Hazardous Cargo Bulletin, Gene Sanders of WE Train, Jay Johnson of Inmark, Vaughn Arthur of DGAC, Ajay Pande of FIATA, Ben Barrett of SAMMI, Laura Denk of eChoice Innovations. The Symposium has become the most acclaimed training event of the year and I would like to thank the Labelmaster staff including Dwight Curtis, Jeanne Zmich, Rhonda Jessop, Nancy Wingert, Neil McCulloch, Bob Richard, Tracie Cady, Pia Jalla, Christine Sandlass, Estuardo Sanchez and Jason Schellenberg for hosting this significant safety event.

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