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February 14th, 2012 by Dean Ricker

Filed under: Wine

On a recent visit to several of our California winery customers in Sonoma and Napa, we were amazed at the amount of record keeping and paperwork that is required to keep track of data, batches, and vintages that are contained in our stainless steel wine barrels. A new app named Winemaking, is a replacement for the pen and paper journals that winemakers use to keep track of their wine batches. The Winemaking app expands on the paper and pen journal by adding Batch, Journal and Data entry tools, as well as commonly used conversions and other calculations used by winemakers during the winemaking process. There can be many batches tracked at the same time. Batches contain top level information about your wine batches in process such as description, common name, varietal, and some initial metrics. Winemaker also contains calculators for commonly performed conversions of Volumes, Masses, Temperature, as well as some specific calculations for winemakers such as SO2 additions and Sugar adjustments.

There is also a blending calculator where you can calculate results of blending two wines together. An example would be blending a high acid with a lower acid wine, and the calculator finds the resulting acid level.

There is a quick reference guide built in with introductory step by step guidelines for making red or white wines. Included in the reference material is a common equipment list, as well as a beginners guide to the minimal required equipment for a first batch of wine. A short troubleshooting section exists for common issues encountered during the process. As many of our customers use our stainless steel wine barrels for experimentation purposes and batch separation, this new app could be a valuable new tool in the wine making process.

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