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What Is A ‘T’ Rated Salvage Drum?

June 6th, 2006 by Howard Skolnik

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Adopted by all international regulatory agencies governing the transport of dangerous goods, the “T” marking on a Salvage Drum indicates that it has been qualified for the overpacking of damaged, leaking or non-compliant steel, plastic or fiber drums. The same ’T’ Salvage Drum may be used for damaged, leaking or non-compliant packages of either liquid or solid contents. Identified by the letter ’T’ in the UN mark (eg: 1A2T/Y320/S/Year of Manufacture), it is not mandatory for use within the US, but it is required outside the US. Therefore, a domestic company that is overpacking a liquid or solid drum and shipping it outside the US, should be sure that they are using a “T” qualified Salvage Drum.

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