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What to do when the DOT knocks at your door!

September 27th, 2016 by Howard Skolnik

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For the 11th year, Labelmaster has sponsored the Dangerous Goods Symposium (DGS), a global collective of hazmat professionals from just about all 7 continents. The Symposium occurred last week at the Loews Hotel in downtown Chicago with nearly 300 participants and speakers. Among one of the most attended presentations was that of Ryan Paquet, Associate Deputy Administrator at PHMSA, and Bob Richard of Labelmaster, entitled “How to Prepare for a DOT Inspection: Before, During, After.” Both Paquet and Richard explained the mission of the DOT, the basis for the inspection, and what questions might occur during an inspection. Most importantly, both Paquet and Richard emphasized the need to be cooperative and honest.
Paquet stated that the Mission of PHMSA is, “To protect people and the environment by advancing the safe transportation of energy and other hazardous materials that are essential to our daily lives.”
Richard went on to explain that typical questions that could be asked by an inspector might include:

  1. Is there a corporate hazmat training program?
  2. Are training records maintained?
  3. Who verifies the classification of hazmat products?
  4. Are you registered to transport hazmat?
  5. Do you have a hazmat security plan per CFR 172.800?
  6. Who signs shipping papers?
  7. Do you ship placarded loads?
  8. Is there any packing/repacking of hazmat done at this facility.

In addition, both emphasized the need to follow the a packaging manufacturers specific Closure Instructions for all packagings tested and marked in accordance with DOT/UN certification.

Click here to view the Skolnik Closure Instructions, including video tutorials.

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