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September 10th, 2002 by Veronica Crouchelli

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We have had many customers contact our Customer Service staff with regard to shipping charges for LTL (less then truckload) shipments. Many of these customers choose to place their orders at SKOLNIK because we offer products that are a good value, but then they leave the shipping options to us to find ‘the least expensive’ or ‘fastest’ mode. The result is that we utilize the regional, national, and international carriers that, in our opinion, offer excellent service and rates. However, there are many regional carriers that are now offering special rates for movements in and out of Chicago, and if you are shipping to a hub destination, these rates may be available. Also, when checking for rates, be specific to mention that the shipment will be EMPTY steel drums. Since rates are often weight based, this will be a critical detail. And of course, we can give you the weight of every drum that we make!

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