Industrial Packaging for Critical Contents

Our History

Through the years, Skolnik Industries has become synonymous with steel drum excellence. Here is a detailed, interactive look back at our beginnings, and the journey we've taken. Click, scroll and enjoy the excursion from our inception to our present.

August 9th, 2012—As a kick-off to Skolnik's elevated Nuclear Quality Assurance-1 Program (NQA-1), auditors from 9 Department of Energy sites complete the EFCOG Audit at Skolnik. Pictured L to R is: Howard Skolnik, Skolnik Industries, Inc.; Bob White, UCOR; Jim Kelly, Frederick Machine Repair, Inc.; Carl Wallskog, Hanford; Bob Hendrickson, Idaho National Lab; Matt Dick, Skolnik Industries, Inc.; Mark Bowers, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions; Stephanie Bravo, Skolnik Industries, Inc., Mark Ryan, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions; Ashok Kapoor, US Department of Energy; Ron Natali, Los Alamos National Labs; Mark Hawk, Oak Ridge National Lab. Not pictured, Kelly Bingham, Los Alamos National Lab.

Skolnik History