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Our History

Through the years, Skolnik Industries has become synonymous with steel drum excellence. Here is a detailed, interactive look back at our beginnings, and the journey we've taken. Click, scroll and enjoy the excursion from our inception to our present.

November 8th, 2012 — Skolnik celebrates our 5th Annual World Quality Day. Organized by Stephanie Bravo, Skolnik's Assistant Quality Director, the theme for 2012 was Quality: Delivering Competitive Advantage. Ms. Laura Denk of eChoice Innovations gave a presentation on the need for quality to be outstanding as it differentiates the company from other commodity drum manufacturers. George Petersen, Skolnik's Director of Operations, presented 5 steps to an effective quality culture. After a company-wide luncheon, 12 exceptional employees who contributed significantly to our quality program were given special recognition awards. Overall, it was a great and proud day at Skolnik.

Skolnik History