Industrial Packaging for Critical Contents

Immediate response to a natural disaster

Challenge: After Hurricane Katrina decimated the Gulf of Mexico, a disaster response company contacted Skolnik to supply—overnight—a sizable quantity of 85 Gallon Salvage Drums. Typically, natural disasters unearth large quantities of steel drums filled with unprotected dangerous contents. They are often exposed or beached, distant from their original locale. This request came during a peak period when our production schedule was full and we were already running a partial second shift.

Solution: To meet the quantity of the request, we required one-and-a-half day’s production time. It was a natural disaster that was quickly becoming a “national disaster” and we were eager to participate in reducing the effects of the already escalating spill damage and danger.

At Skolnik, we are proud of the close relationships we forge with businesses and government agencies, and in this rare instance, we drew on these bonds to address the emergency situation. We quickly contacted customers with orders in production and notified them of this urgent request. We explained that we needed to postpone their shipments by just one day, and this would allow us to meet the delivery requirement for the storm’s aftermath. Fortunately, they agreed to the inconsequential delay for the receipt of their industrial packaging. Production for the emergency order was immediately scheduled.

Results: The urgent shipment was produced, loaded and transported to the Gulf of Mexico within 24 hours of initial phone calls, faster than anticipated. Afterwards, production immediately returned to existing orders to accommodate scheduling with pre-storm customers.

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