Industrial Packaging for Critical Contents

Mil Spec Packaging and Drums

Skolnik understands the specialized needs and requirements of mil-spec packaging and drums. Our Mil-Spec Containers comply with U.S military specifications as well as UN regulations for mil-spec packaging and transportation of military related goods and materials.
The Mil-Spec Drum is available with necked in bottoms for easy stacking, and mil-spec gaskets and closure rings for hassle-free packaging. In addition, exterior and interior finishes meet military paint requirements. Skolnik also offers mil-spec packaging compliant labels, barcodes, RFID labels and pallets to help achieve the right mil-spec packaging. Skolnik is a manufacturer with some minimum quantity requirements and a $500 order minimum.


  • Capacity:
    5 Gal/19Ltr–110 Gal/416 Ltr
  • Steel Thickness:
    0.901-1.5mm(20-16 gauge)
  • Markings:
    Bar Codes and Stencils
  • Packaging: Mil Spec palletization