Industrial Packaging for Critical Contents

Item # PH9601, TIH (Toxic by Inhalation) Overpack Drums

Tested for solids, Skolnik TIH (PIH) Overpack Drums are certified according to UN criteria and qualify as secure outer packaging. Each Overpack Drum has been tested at 1A2/X plus 15 psi hydrostatic pressure per CFR 49 for the over-packing of Toxic (Poisonous) by Inhalation packaging.


Standard | Metric

Part Number PH9601
Volume 363 Litres
Style Open Head
Material Carbon Steel
UN Solid 1A2/X440/S
UN Liquid ---------------
Thickness (top/body/bottom) 1.5/1.5/1.5
Fittings and/or Gasket EPDM
Closure (OH) Bolt Ring
Exterior Color Black with Red Cover
Interior N/A
Weight 215.9 Kg
Inside Diamater 57.2 cm
Inside Height 102.87 cm