Industrial Packaging for Critical Contents

110 Gallon Salvage Steel Drum

Please note, Skolnik sells exclusively to businesses.
We sell only NEW drums, not used or reconditioned.

Designed for the overpacking of 85 gallon and larger drums, the 110 gallon savage drum provides a unique solution when users need a generously sized, durable, and functional package for the containment of leaking and damaged packagings containing hazardous materials. Additionally, it is easily identifiable for security and safety purposes with it's yellow painted body, red painted cover and multilingual decal (English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese). The drum weighs 102 pounds and is 30.0" in diameter and 41.0" in height and is made from 18-16 gauge (1.2-1.6mm) carbon or stainless steel.

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Request       Thickness         Inside   Prod Tech
Quote Vol Item # Style ? OH=Open Head
TH=Tight Head
(tp/bd/bt) UN Solid UN Liquid Closure Gasket Dia Hgt Wt Sheet Draw
110 HM11001 OH 1.5/1.5/1.5 1A2/Y409/S --------------- Bolt Ring EPDM 30.00 40.8 100