Industrial Packaging for Critical Contents

8 Gallon Steel Drum

The Skolnik 8 Gallon Steel Drum is available in both open head and closed head styles. One of the smaller sized steel drums that Skolnik manufactures, it can be used for a wide variety of applications. From packaging cosmetics, lubricants, oils and hazardous materials to storing munitions for military purposes, the Skolnik 8 Gallon Drum is extremely versatile. The drum comes in both carbon and stainless steel and is UN certified. Skolnik's audited quality assurance program assures that these drums meet strict NQA1 requirements and post-manufacturing accountability. The 8 Gallon Drum (30 L capacity) is 13.87" in diameter and 14.00" in height (35cm x 36cm), it weighs a maximum of 12 lbs. (5 kg), and can be fabricated with 20 gauge carbon steel (0.90mm). A wide range of colors and linings are available, to protect the steel from drum contents.