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No More Closure Tools! No More Whacking!!

October 10th, 2000 by Veronica Crouchelli

Filed under: Salvage Drum

Continuing to turn the heads of 85 Gallon Steel Salvage Drum users, using the new Quick-Closure Lever-Lock means that you have to "Whack No More" (TM) when closing a Salvage Drum for shipment. The patent-pending ring is designed to open wide for it‘s initial seating without the need for force. Once on the drum, with the gasket firmly in place, the lever brings together the removeable cover with the drum body and forms a secure closure which has passed the United Nations Certification testing. Customers are finding that by using this Quick-Closure ring, they are able to close their drums faster, without tools, without the need to verify torque, and without any pinched fingers! For an added charge of $2.50 each, the "Whack No More" Quick-Closure Ring is a significant improvement to drum handling. Also, in late 2000, the ring will be available for 55 Gallon drums too.

Torque Wrenches Specifically Sought After By Dot

October 10th, 2000 by Dean Ricker

Filed under: DOT/UN

As reported in previous Newsletters, the DOT inspectors are making their rounds to insure that packaging manufacturers comply with Performance Oriented Packaging requirements, and that fillers comply with proper closure instructions (CFR 178.2©). If you are using either Open or Closed Head Drums, proper closure requires a specific measured torque. Therefore, DOT Inspectors will expect you to have a Torque Wrench in use, when closing drums prior to shipment and to be able to demonstrate current torque calibration. Available in 30, 20 and 12 foot-pound capacities, SKOLNIK‘s Torque Wrench set is designed to "click" when desired torque is reached. Furthermore, color-coding makes choosing the right wrench a snap.

Right Or Wrong: We Want To Know!

October 10th, 2000 by Mike Hughes

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We sincerely hope that you let us know when we have done something RIGHT…or something WRONG. Our Customer Service Department, Problem-Solving Sales Executives, and Production Staff are all working to make sure that your orders are correctly processed and shipped just as you ordered it, and when you expected it. While we appreciate your positive feedback, we also need to know if an order has not been completed to your satisfaction. If you are having a problem, or we managed to ‘save the day’, please call us. WE WANT TO KNOW! Also, check out our Testimonials at www.skolnik.com.

Block And Brace Options Available From VOHMA

September 5th, 2000 by Howard Skolnik

Filed under: Associations, HazMat

The Vessel Operators Hazardous Materials Association (VOHMA) has recently completed a guide to proper loading and securing hazardous material cargos in transport units. Titled the "Shippers Guide to Loading and Securement of Packaged Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods in Intermodal Equipment," it not only specifies criteria for selecting the best materials for blocking and bracing, but also addresses pre-loading preparation. The Guide is useful to anyone that loads freight containers and even covers the selection of an authorized transport unit, suitability inspection, using dunnage and securing all types of packagings including drums. At $39.50 (which includes shipping), you can order a copy directly from VOHMA at 518.761.0263, or order at www.vohma.com.

Hazardous Materials Training Too Costly To Overlook!

September 5th, 2000 by Howard Skolnik

Filed under: Associations, DOT/UN, HazMat

More then 1/3 of the DOT‘s enforcement actions pertain to the failure of employers to provide appropriate hazardous materials training. In most cases, violations are the result of no function-specific training. We recommend that employer’s use outside consultants to establish and monitor the efficacy of a training program. This includes training for new employees as well as re-training for employees that receive additional responsibilities. While many training programs are available, the Hazardous Materials Advisory Council (HMAC) does programs that are recognized as being of particularly high quality. They are presented throughout the year at locations across the US. For information on the HMAC Training Program schedule, contact HMAC directly at 202.289.4550 or visit their web site at www.hmac.org. There also is the option of on-line training and The Conference on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles (COSTHA) has recently opened their training venue at www.costha.advanceonline.com. Whether face to face or electronically, there is no reason for HazMat employer‘s to overlook their training responsibilities.

Another ‘twist’ On Closure Instructions For Steel Drums

September 5th, 2000 by Howard Skolnik

Filed under: DOT/UN

Closure Instructions for steel drums require that the ‘art’ of closing a steel drum be translated into technical instruction. These instructions are written without any DOT guidelines, but must indicate the measures necessary in order to properly secure a package for transport. Last month, the DOT stated that they do expect Closure Instructions to include some reference to torque capacities. Be sure that your Steel Drum supplier is providing Closure Instructions that meet the requirements of CFR 178.2(c) and that you have the tools on hand, necessary to comply with these instructions.