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Wood Fumigation Mandatory For All Exported Wood Shipments

December 7th, 2004 by Howard Skolnik

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When the Asian Beetle arrived in the US (Chicago) as a result of infected wood pallets, the US then regulated that all imported wood pallets be certified as fumigated (Docket # RSPA-02-032-3). If shipments arrive uncertified, the shipper is billed for fumigation at the arrival port (usually about $200.00 and several days delay). In response, China, Brazil and other countries began requiring that containers coming from the US have their pallets certified. These countries tried to protect themselves from the Nemotid, an American beetle. Today, all counties have instituted this requirement but in September 2004, the pallet regulation was expanded to include all wood inside a container including wood used for blocking and bracing. Failure to comply will mean that when arriving at a foreign port, a container will be fumigated (for a fee) and probably delayed. Therefore, be aware that when preparing an export shipment, if the contents are wood, on wooden pallets, or has wood bracing, you MUST provide certification that the wood used has been fumigated or HT Treated. The wood should also have a regulated marking indicating that it has been fumigated.

DOT Creates A Pipeline Safety Administration

December 7th, 2004 by Howard Skolnik

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The Senate has passed a previously passed House Bill creating a new Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration which shall be an administration in the Department of Transportation. President Bush has signed into law H.R. 5163, the Norman Y. Mineta Research and Special Programs Improvement Act. Pub. L. No. 108- 426. The new law establishes a new research agency within the U.S. Department of Transportation and transfers the hazardous materials transportation regulatory function to a new regulatory agency within DOT. This transfer of hazardous materials regulatory authority does not involve any substantive changes to the Hazardous Material Regulations. In carrying out its duties, the Administration shall consider the assignment and maintenance of safety as the highest priority.

Stainless Wine Drums Overcoming Oak Barrels

December 7th, 2004 by Dean Ricker

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As a manufacturer of stainless cylindrical containers, Skolnik’s line of Stainless Wine Drums is becoming the mainstay of domestic and international wine producers. Recent changes in the California wine industry have moved many wineries to use wooden barrel alternatives such as stainless drums with oak staves to achieve their desired taste profile. Visit the Skolnik web site (www.skolnik.com) to view the available configurations for our wine products.

New Hazmat Web Site Offers Regulatory Explanations

November 9th, 2004 by Howard Skolnik

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The US government estimates that some 800,000 hazmat shipments are made daily, with 40,000 of those being moved by air. Finding sources to assist with regulatory compliance is easier said than done and a new hazardous materials referencing website has been created for shippers of dangerous goods in the US. Hazmatlaw is a public service of the Cramer Law Group, a Washington, DC based law firm specializing in hazardous material and dangerous goods transportation. This website is not a substitute for the regulations issued by the U.S. Department of transportation, regulations from other countries, the various international dangerous goods transportation standards, or requisite hazmat employee training but the site has a dedicated section for regulatory developments, classification and packaging group information as well as notification of regulatory exemptions and government enforcement procedures. Check out the website at: www.hazmatlaw.com.

Incident Reporting Of Hazmat Spills Is Required

November 9th, 2004 by Howard Skolnik

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In the event that a hazmat incident should occur while in transit, a Hazardous Materials Incident Report must be filed at the time the incident is discovered. Reporting requirements apply whenever any of the conditions in CFR 171.16 are met. Found in 171.16, a completed DOT Form F5800.1 must be submitted within 30 days of the discovery of the incident. Those incidents that qualify for reporting are specified in CFR 171.15(b) and are defined as unintentional releases of a hazardous material or the discharge of any quantity of hazardous waste. Shippers should be familiar with these two regulations before a hazmat shipment becomes in-transit.

Check Out What’s New At Skolnik.com

November 9th, 2004 by Howard Skolnik

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As much as everyone enjoys the Skolnik website, we continue to put our heads together and continuously improve the posted information. We know that our customers and hazmat shippers need technical answers to their compliance questions and www.skolnik.com is an information source for steel containers like you have never seen on the web. You can examine over 400 container products or check out the Resource Center with a Glossary of Drum Terms, a Dictionary of the Skolnik UN products, Frequently Asked Questions, and charts to even help you calculate the number of drums that fit into just about any container. We’ve added paint color charts, a Newsletter archive, and a list of your friends at Skolnik…with pictures. Take a minute, visit:www.skolnik.com and let me know if there is anything extremely helpful or possibly missing.